Through the specialisation in the manufacturing of finished watches (T2 & T3) major investments have been made over the last years:
– New manufacturing cells with specialised infrastructure
– Acquisition of two T2 semi automatically assembling installations from Lecureux SA
– Installation of state-of-the-art assembly infrastructure as well as control and testing equipment (i.e. M 10, Witschi 7000 (water-resistance), Roxer 500 meters (water resistance) and others
– The new Service Center for all kind of after sales services and mechanical movement revisions is equiped with a modern infrastructur


The assembling capacity has been increased together with the under-taken investments. After taking additional measures, the necessary production space could be provided for a further capacity increase in order to supply new clients.


At present the company employs 110 people about 15 of which have a degree in watch making. A part of the staff is recruited in the neighbouring northern part of Italy.
These commuters together with the local employees build the basis for the company’s success.


Due to its privileged location in the South of Switzerland, its ideal infrastructure and its high level of experience, Rhodanus Ltd. is able to submit excellent offers for the conception as well as for the manufacture of finished watches.

Especially in the area of mass-production our prices are very competitive.

In the field of After sales services (watches and mechanical movements) the company is very competitive, too.